Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Milton Farmer's Market

Bustling rumpus and Rustling bumpkins await at the Milton Farmer's Market! With fresh produce lining main street for as far as the eye can see, food eaters are in for a real treat at this weekly event.

With a wide variety of items, from spicy peppers to soothing honeys, the MFM almost assuredly has the farm-fresh item you're looking for. It's time for some good food!

Taco Bell 7 - Layer Burrito

When you're feeling low, burrito!
It's spicy and tubular
And good good tasting
Lovely, lovely lovely

Taco Bell's 7 - Layer Burrito is easily the best thing on their menu. Enjoy!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Jakt Shoe Rack

Capable of holding more than its own weight in shoes, Ikea's stackable Jakt shoe rack is a time-tested shoe storage solution. With the ease of stackability, the rack enables a user to store as many shoes as a closet can hold. The available colour options are, on average, pleasing to the eye. The durability of the product is within acceptable standards. All in all, Ikea's Jakt shoe rack will do the job it was designed to do.

Most human beings wear shoes. Unless you've undergone surgery to have both legs removed, or were born without legs, you'll probably own several pairs of shoes, and will need a place to store them. We humans evolved over the course of millions of years to have body parts in certain shapes that make the part in question amenable to its task. One of these body parts is the foot; there is an arch in the foot, capable of storing and dissipating energy, and adding a certain spring to our steps. The foot is narrow at the back, to match the size of our legs, but wider at the front to allow more surface area for out foot falls. The result is that the foot is an odd shape in all three dimensions. The garment designed to protect this body part, the shoe, must therefore also have an odd shape. As such, a large group of shoes is difficult to neatly store. Luckily your Ikea Jakt has a design to resolve these issues. Single layer shelves provide the needed storage space for your foot wear. Stackable, they can accomodate any wardrobe's pedal portion.

Jakts are available in a narrow range of colours which were deemed as "pleasing to the eye" by top Ikea colour engineers back when you could still buy these items. I think that Ikea had a thing going for bright obtrusive colours at the time, so you could get these shoe racks in colours like bright yellow, pink and olive (if I recall correctly). Most people bought the olive ones because the other colours would show dirt too readily. Regardless, there were a wide range of options to fit into whatever space-aged colour scheme you or your interior decorator desired.

Jakts aren't made of honeycomb titanium, but nobody ever accused Ikea of making heirloom quality furniture. In fact, most of their stuff has a fairly limited shelf life, especially on the lower end of their price scale. Jakts are on the lower end of the price scale, but the durability is acceptable. When under a high load, the plastic will buckle a bit, which makes stacking damned near impossible, but it's still worth a whollop.

To summarize, a Jakt shoe rack is a half decent shoe storage implement, and I don't regret living in apartment where two of them reside.

Canon PowerShot SD790 IS Digital Elph

The name of the Canon PowerShot SD790 IS Digital Elph is a real mouthful. Weighing in at an impressive 17 syllables, it's the sort of product name you'd just love to hear Howard Cosell or Ron Popeil say.

The camera is a nice small size. It fits perfectly well in a pocket, although it's not really durable so this might not be a great idea. I do it anyways.

I've had a few issues with screws coming out of the sides of the camera. This leads to the camera body popping open, so it can be quite annoying. It builds character though, so I like it!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Minute Maid Cranberry Cocktail

With enough antioxidants to ameliorate the biggest of tumours, cranberries are an excellent augmentation to a healthy diet.

Minute Maid delivers the cranberry goods with their Minute Maid Cranberry Coctail. With a nice point-counterpoint balance between sweet taste and tart aftertaste, drinking the cocktail is the oral equivalent of listening to Bach.

And the goodness doesn't stop there. From the side of my 450 mL bottle, I can see that each 250 mL provides 11% of your recommended daily carbohydrates and 1% of your recommended daily sodium intake. It's important to get those things out of the way. I generally try to get both taken care of during breakfast so I can spend the rest of the day focusing on nutrients that are more difficult to find.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sorel Carribou Boots

Size 13 is a large shoe. Even a pair of converse that hug the shape of the foot like a fine Italian sports car waltzing through alpine passes is big at size 13.

It's nothing however, when compared to a fully insulated "Canadian Winter Approved" snow boot. ("Canadian Winter Approved snow boot" should be spoken in the voice Emperor Palpatine used to say "Witness the power of this fully armed and operational battle station!")

These big assed boots are warmer than a taun-taun's disemboweled carcass and dryer than a Tatooine August. Just be prepared to spend like a Moff or a Hutt if you want a pair.