Friday, August 28, 2009

Black and Decker 12V Cordless Drill

In today's fast paced world, the modern rugged contractor needs to be mobile. Being geographically confined to within the limits of a power cord restricts ones abilities and creativity. Thanks to Black and Decker's new 12V cordless drill, these limitations are a thing of the past. No remote outpost is too remote; no far-flung oasis is to far-flung. The wings of desire flutter in the heart of all contractor-kind for this kind of spatial freedom.

That freedom can be yours for the low price of $79.95 at your nearest Black and Decker dealer.

Nvidia GForce 6500

This NVidia GeForce 6500 with 256 MB of onboard RAM will revolutionize your 3D computing experience. Being handcrafted by Chinese computer artisans, and lovingly branded by a reseller of your choice, you'll be able to tell that a lot of love went into the making of this product.

Never again will you experience choppy frame rates, poor pix-bufs or low ratio yields after upgrading to the 6500. It truly will elevate your computing experience to a new level.

Eddie Bauer Legend Wash Broken-in Chino

Determining the right cut, shape and fit of pant is an ongoing and tremendously personal experience. Due to the fact that our bodies vary so much with time, it is difficult to choose a pair of pants that fits well all of the time. Couple this with the fact that most folks do a lot of sitting at a desk, where ones waist elongates both physically and physiologically, and there will be problems finding pants that fit well.

Because of these issues, I've never found a good pair of pants. I essentially try a new brand every year. I've been through the big 3 manufacturers of chinos, and have taken a somewhat random sampling from other vendors, mostly based on the availability and price of the product.

As such, it was inevitable that I would someday try out Eddie Bauer's offering. Cut from a slightly sturdier fabric, I've found that the pants hold up better than most.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Arm and Hammer Baking Soda

Are your baked goods lacking leavity?

When you need a leavening agent, and don't have time to wait for yeast to work it's magic, nor the inclination to use baking powder, reach for the baking soda.

Arm & Hammer is synonymous with baking soda. Over the past 260 years, the good people at A&H have put their blood, sweat and tears into their baking soda, and you can taste it. It beats the no name brand, hands down.

Pheylonian Pure Beeswax Drip Candles

Om. Om. Om. om.

Burning paraffin wax candles releases carcinogens into the air. Breathing carcinogens can cause cancer. Even though the carcinogen levels in paraffin smoke are quite low, it's probably best not to breathe too many of those fumes.

But if you can't fire up the old candle, how are you supposed to meditate, dawg? Not sure? Well bust out your Grandmaster Flash LP, because it's time to meditate old school.

People have been using beeswax candles for hundreds of years. As it turns out, paraffin is an industrial byproduct, and didn't even exist 150 years ago. Back then, people made their candles out of other forms of wax.

For meditation, beeswax is a great choice for candle wax. The subtle earthy aroma instills a feeling of oneness with the Earth in the meditator. As far as beeswax candles go, you could do worse than a Pheylonian Pure Beeswax Drip Candle which, when properly managed, can burn for over 100 hours. Put that in your meditation session and smoke it.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Gios Cycling Cap

Few garments wed style and function as tightly as a cycling cap. The germ of the idea for these caps was probably formed over a hundred years ago, as a cyclist crested one of the French alps, heading east early in the AM. Wanting to keep the sun out of her eyes, but not wanting to obscure her field of vision unnecessarily, she would have rushed home to sew a cap with a curt brim. It blocks the sun, but it doesn't stop the world from seeing your beautiful face. Another bonus is that the hat prevents painful pate sunburns for balding individuals.

With a cycling cap, you'll go from just another sucker on a fixie to instant street cred. Wearing appropriate clothing is the easiest way to gain respect.

Forever Stovetop Espresso Maker

An unmistakably South American aroma wafts down the streets and back alleys near a fancy italian coffee shop. Aroused nostrils flare at the smell of steamed cooked bean grindings. Gourmands and foodies alike casually meander toward the smell, riddling themselves about which variety of biscotti would go best with the aroma. Before long, the little coffee shop is packed full of people, clamouring to get the oily paws onto a beaker full of loving, flavour-charged espresso.

You can have this experience at home with Forever's Stovetop Espresso Maker. Using a pressurized steam system to force pressurized gaseous water through the coffee beans, you won't be able to tell its espresso from store bought. It's so good, in fact, that world espresso champion Drea du Mandionne always takes one with her when she is camping. Her taste is unimpeachable, so this is clearly a quality item.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gill, Issue #1: I'm Not Retarded, I'm Big Boned

Just edgy enough to never get syndicated, but still brimming with youthful folly and delight, Gill is a real treasure. Published serial comics are an interesting read, generally going through a complete storyline in 15 panels, split up into 5 strips over 2 pages. The author Norm Feuti does a great job of portraying a socially outcast, overweight gradeschooler with a less than ideal home life in this format. The comic simultaneously heartening and heartbreaking.

Sleeman's Silver Creek Lager

To everything, there is a season.

Take beers for example. Nobody in their right mind would drink a light lager at a christmas party, nor would one quaff a stout after a hot afternoon's worth of road work.

Once the needle tips past 30C on the backyard thermometer, it takes a special brew to refresh. Today's active professionals know best, and choose Sleeman's Silver Creek Lager. Blessed with an ethereal crisp taste, you'll think that it was brewed by angels in the great breweries of Valhalla. There's nothing heavenly about the price though; it's a bit steep at $38 / 24 beers.

Ziploc Containers

No master chef has ever presented a dish that looked like it sat under a U-lock and a stack of books, so why should your lunch look that way? Stave off the embarrassing effects of sandwich squishing and cookie crushing using fabulous ziploc containers. Never again will your nectarine be prematurely tenderized, nor will your kumquat come squashed.

Baggies are great if you don't have to worry about your food arriving in one piece, but for mission critical meals trust nothing less than a ziploc container.

Li'l Guppie

It's been dark for so long. You don't even know what time it is anymore; your alternator is shot, and the clock is buzzing 88:88.

You've been driving through this misty marshland for hours. Visibility was poor to begin with, but you're so tired that you're sweaty all over and your eyes are swelling up. The gently rolling hills and dream-like landscape are slowly lulling you to sleep.

As you are slowly succumbing to exhaustion, your mind begins to wander. You can't see that a huge snapping turtle is about to lunge in front of your vehicle!

With a deft, and well-rehearsed move, the turtle rolls under your car and bites a hole right though the inner sidewall. The sudden yawing acceleration startles you out of your trance. You expertly make an emergency stop.

Surveying the damage, you realize that you'll have to put on the spare tire. Unfortunately, you know that you don't have much time, because the turtle is slowly ambling toward you with a deranged lustful hunger in his eyes. You reach into the trunk, and extract your spare tire and tire iron. You look back, startled by the dripping fangs of the approaching beast. This shock causes the tire iron to drop out of your still sweaty hands into the depths of the marsh.

Luckily you have your Li'l Guppie multitool in your pocket. The adjustable wrench is nowhere near big enough or strong enough to take the bolt off of your tire, but the 2" knife might just give you a fighting chance against that turtle...

Monday, August 24, 2009

Nokia 2760

Telecommunicative convergence is the conglomerating force of personal electronic devices. In the mid 90s, the cordless phone was combined with the pocket watch, and the cellular phone was born. These new cellular phones had the added bonus of not being limited to the range of the cordless phone receiver. As time went on, more functionality was added to cellular phones. Over the years they gained the ability to play GameBoy style games, then calculators were added and even colour screens.

Time wore gradually on; custom ringtones and even MP3 capability were added, as well as the latest in Java capability (Java is a web programming language). Eventually even cameras were included in cellular phones, and it was good.

This is 2009; a phone is expected to be able to play MP3s, take pictures, and tell time. The Nokia 2760 is an affordable camera that has all of these features!

Sigg Water Bottle

An adult human should ingest approximately 2L of water per day. Water is essentially the only "wonder-drug" for humans. It keeps us alert, tidy and healthy. It's also concommiserant with a healthy lifestyle.

The history of personal water transportation devices is a long and storied one. To this end, flasks, pouches, coconuts and so on have been used at various times in human history with varying levels of success. Each new day brings progress.

Not ten years ago, it was quite common to see folks walking around with "the nalgene." A "nalgene" was a clear plastic bottle with a twist of lid. This was considered state-of-the-art at the time.

Unfortunately, it turns out that these nalgene bottles were laced with bisephonol-A, a potent carcinogen. It was then learned that the parent corporation that made these bottles, Nalg, made most of their money selling animal restraints for cruel animal testing procedures. No one died from using these bottles, but it was clear that something had to be done on a large scale to cut back support for this evil lair of animal torture and cancers.

The Dark Horse, long discounted for selling more expensive metal bottles, was poised for a charge. Sigg, a longtime manufacturer of metal contrivances, began having great success with its water bottle line. These bottles were non-carcinogenic, and cruelty free. They're a bit hard to clean though.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Filzer Spoke Wrench - Multispoke

You know the feeling. Your back end doesn't feel as tight as it used to. Whenever you go anywhere, you feel it jiggling a little more than it used to. You can see what the problem is, but you can't turn the nipples hard enough with your bare hands to get things back in order.

You need this baby.

The Filzer Spoke Wrench - Multispoke is the tool for you. Made using hardened construction, and weighing in at only a scant 50g, this is a great tool. It costs less than $7 too. Not shabby.

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

"If you cut every corner, it is really not so bad
Everybody does it, even mom and dad."

This song, featured on The Simpsons, was about doing a poor job. The song can also be interpreted so that it's about cutting things. As such, the song would be correct. Cutting things is not so bad.

In fact, cutting things is great.

As far as knives go, I've got no complaints about my Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. It has the perfect balance, sharp blades, and some extremely useful scissors. At first, I laughed at the knife for having scissors, but over the years I've found that I use them more than anything else on the knife.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wahl Dual-head Nose Trimmer

That we, as a society, have brought such wondrous technology to bear on nose hair grooming is a ringing endorsement of our society. Wahl's dual-head nose trimmer is a godsend for any man who is leary of plucking. It should be noted that this is a multi-orifice tool; it also works on ear hairs.

The sideburn trimming attachment isn't great, but neither is the idea of trimming sideburns with a nose groomer.

Logitech Precision

Logitech's precision gaming pad is a real work of art. Coupling logitech's raison d'etre ergonomics with optimal gaming performance, this is an ideal controller for those looking for fun on a tight budget.

In my lab tests, I found that Mario would jump 2% higher using the Logitech Precision than he would using an inferior joystick. And don't get me started about Luigi, but jumping Jesus was Luigi ever performing well. Lab tests also revealed a minimum of wrist pain, cramps, and palm sweat.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dick Cheney Finger Puppet

This adorable finger puppet is fun for the whole family. Young or old, conservative or liberal, there is no one who this miniature doll wont appeal to. Lovingly crafted in China, the doll provides hours of politically motivated amusement. Regale fancy liberal dinner party guests while doing a squeaky-voiced impersonation of Cheney becoming sexually aroused on the night of March 19th, 2003. Conversely, you could amuse your conservative gun-club brethren with a rambo-voiced, liberal-faggot-shooting puppet shows. Nothing is holding you back with this tiny effigy except for your imagination.

For ages 3 and up.

Gandhi Cuisine

If you're looking for good Indian food in Toronto on the cheap, you can't do any better than Gandhi Cuisine at Queen and Bathurst. Their speciality is curries in roti. These rotis are some of the most delicious food I've had in Toronto, not even counting budget. They are just great.

My personal favourite is the veggie korma roti, mild medium. The hot, sweet and savoury flavours counteract and complement each other orgasmically well. This is a spot that is not to be missed.


From Scarlett O'Hara to Howard Hughes, everyone knows that it's nice to have some money to spend. Sure, jobs give you money; there's more to employment than that. As your long-retired grandmother often reminds you, it's nice just to have something to do with your time.

Even a casual observer knows that your druthers (namely biking around the country and watching lots of movies) isn't feasible. Go to work.


We all feel like we don't want to talk to, or be around, other people at times. Those of us who go through long stretches of feeling this way are called introverts. The old saying goes "The world is your oyster;" to an introvert, it would more aptly read "I'm my own oyster. Leave me alone. Get your own oyster. And your own world."

Introversion is pretty good. Having spent my entire life as an introvert-leaning ambivert, I'd say that extroversion is probably the superior of the two extrema, but introversion has its perks as well. You get lots of time to yourself, which you can spend reading, attending to cats, and / or painting miniature Star Trek models. Another perk is that you can really crank up the unpleasantness when someone you don't like starts talking to you, when you're not feeling too shy to do so. I've whiled away many a peaceful afternoon hurtling soul-withering comments at people who probably didn't deserve it. From a certain standpoint, it's fun!

Shimano Sora Componentry

On a big group ride two years ago, a gentleman I know who works at a bike shop told me that he'd be using bar-end shifters on a touring bike that he was building because there are no good finger shifters on the market. An awkward silence followed after he noticed that I was riding a bike solely equiped with Shimano Sora componentry.

I've found that his complaints were unfounded. I couldn't be happier with my Sora components.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Subway Veggie Delite

You: hungry, have $10 on you, near a subway, don't mind subs, craving the veg.

Subway: all vegged up, subs on the almost cheap, always nearby.

Ask any pragmatist and they'll tell you that there's no such thing as a match made in heaven. Shakespeare once wrote "All the world's a stage," by which, of course, he meant to say a stage for compromise. We both know that you're not going to a fast food restaurant expecting La Cordon Blue experience. It's a game of attrition really; what a fast food eater wants to do is minimize their losses. Clearly burgers and tacos are out. Pizza and burritos are a nice choice, but decent options are far from ubiquitous. Sometimes you have to settle on pretty good instead of damn good, and that's were Subway comes in.

If you've decided to go to subway, get the Veggie Delite. It's a little known fact, but it's actually their best sandwich. Enjoy!

Monday, August 17, 2009

MEC Kook Shorts

Relive your childhood memories while wearing these shorts! Meandering, carefree, running your fingers through the barley, you once dreamt as only a child could dream. Long before being acquainted with the stern but fair friend known as "grown-up responsibility," you were free to engage in flights of fancy so far-flung as to be inconceivable to your modern self.

But you can have it all back.

Just run down to your nearest MEC and buy a pair of these shorts, don them, and take the shortest route you know to the nearest park. Frolicking awaits you. The annoying sideways pocket layout will hardly cross your mind, unless you need something from the pockets, in which case, I've found that the zippers are quite annoying too.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Swing Dancing

Depending on your age, it's likely that either your parents or your granparents were swing dancers. Depending on your own life choices, you may have even been a member of the swing dance revival of the late 1990s.

Swing dancing is about enjoying life. The philosophy of this from of pre-modern dance is to be deeply connected to the act of living. It is not a vicarious or introspective form. Crackling energy infuses the form, and the rapid kinesis rivals that of an amusement park ride. As with all dances, sexuality is not absent, but it is relatively subdued in swing. You get the idea that the kids were pushing the boundaries a bit, but still behaving within the bounds of what was considered acceptable.

For comparison, it was common practise in the 1970s club scene to party naked and perform sexual acts in public in exchange for hard drugs.

Swing dancing is a wholly enjoyable and wholesomely watchable form of dance.

US Robotics 28.8 KBps fax modem

Communication with ones friends and colleagues has been clinically proven to improve mental health and reduce stress. Simple interactions like a brief chat, or faxing an invoice can be quite satisfying on many levels.

USRobotics facilitates these mentally-positive interchanges with their 28.8 kilobaud per second fax modem. The modem comes in a yummy warm creme colour, and is equipped with a variety of indicator lights and an on/off switch. This is a great device that will meet and surpass your fax/modem needs.

Crumpler Limited Edition Courier Bag

When you are carrying an object, remember that there is more than the weight of the object on your shoulders. You are also burdened with the weight of responsibility. Trust yourself to get your objects to their destinations in one piece, using a crumpler courier bag. You can thank me later.


It's so awesome that you could shout out, "Why didn't I think of that?"

Well, you probably weren't born yet. If you were, don't fret; things have a way of seeming obvious in hindsight.

Velcro is an early example of biomimicry in clothing. For hundreds of thousands of years, burrs have been attaching themselves to human clothing. There was little practical application of this. Time, as it is wont to do, ground on. Roman centurions were hooked by burs. Druids came under their hooky influence. Maori chiefs weren't immune.

Well, people still aren't immune, but the bitter sting of being burred is more than offset by the simplicity fastening of velcro endowed fabrics.

The Pixies

Few bands were as awesome as The Pixies. Armed with a league of incredibly talented musicians, and working from a library of music that ranges from the profane to the sublime, they perform at a calibre that wants for nothing.

Buffalo Airport

Nobody on Earth has ever spent more time than necessary in an airport. Airports are utilitarian structures, built to facilitate the effective transfer of people and baggage to an airplane on the tarmac. Efficiency at this task varies; some airports are certified hell holes that are confusing for travellers, and staffed by unhelpful personnel.

Buffalo Airport is different. It boasts an extremely simple layout and courteous staff.

The shops and restaurants there are nothing to call home about; were they, it would be counterproductive. Remember that nothing in an airport should keep you there longer than necessary. Good food or shopping might contravene this.

vitaminwater energy

Energy drink advocates might feel a bit let down by the paltry caffeine content in this "water drink." The drink apparently contains less than half as much caffeine as your typical cup of coffee.

Just remember that first and foremost, this isn't really a caffeine oriented drink. The aim of vitaminwater energy is to put an energy drink spin on water, not vice versa. Drink it expecting weird water, not watery energy and you'll be satisfied.

The Handmaid's Tale

The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood is a top-notch novel. She writes about a hypothetical world where the American government has been overthrown by a theocratic military regime. Simultaneously biblical literalists and misogynists, they create a pious society where fertile women who break with social conventions are forced into a life of repeated pregnancies. Shuttered off from the world, the novel tells the story from the viewpoint of one of these women.

It's an entertaining and thought provoking read.

Bill O'Reilly

Maybe you cheated on your taxes. Maybe you didn't cede the right of way to an ambulance. Maybe you treat people like garbage if they don't agree with you. Maybe you'd throw your own mother down a flight of stairs just to get your face on TV.

Hey, nobody is perfect; we all make mistakes. When we dwell on the things that make us bad people, it's natural to feel bad. You deserve a pick-me up.

Thanks to Bill O'Reilly, there's always a way to cheer up, just watch some videos with Bill on youtube, you can't help but laugh.

Polycom Soundpoint IP 330

"Why don't you ever call?" It's not in your vernacular, is it? That's because you're a good person and you call your family members promptly and on schedule.

Sure, neither of you ever has much to talk about, but you can't claim that it's not nice to veg out and listen to a familiar voice on the phone at regular one week intervals.

Facilitate your phone-callery with the latest in over-the-top technology: voice over IP! You can make phone calls at a fraction of the price because you aren't paying for a dedicated line that is only in use 4% of the time. After switching to voice over IP, your relatives won't be able to complain "Why do you only call me less than 4% of the time?"

No Name All Purpose Flour

Don't be deterred by the health warnings. (who complains about too many nutrients anyways?)

No Name All Purpose Flour has never done me wrong. It's high flour content is a godsend for those working on recipes based on this ancient staple. Make yourself a cake, or some bagels, or a damn focaccia! It's all good.

For all intents and purposes, flour is flour. I still feel better buying the more expensive No Name brand over the weird stuff that isn't even labelled in English. Sorry, Saudi Arabia, but I don't even think that wheat grows there. What's the deal, are you selling synthetic flour now?

A crappy cart from walmart

You try to avoid shopping at walmart. You know the cart is not going to last long, and that when it breaks it will probably leave you stranded relatively far from home with more than you can carry.

So why did you buy it? You probably can't remember. But you do know this. While it lasted, it was pretty handy.

Optoma MovieTime DV10

If you consider yourself a film buff, you have two options:
  1. Use an old TV that you didn't pay too much for.
  2. Get a projector.
No film buff should be watching movies on a 40"+ hdtv. Movies were meant to be experienced big, so if you can afford it, buy a damn projector. There is no middle ground here. Arguments about image quality are moot, because bigness comes first.

I can't afford that sort of thing, but I could afford a refurbished DVD quality projector, so that's what I got. It is great to have some friends over and watch movies on an approximately 8' screen. That's 96" for anyone who is counting. The built in speakers offer pretty good stereo sound.

TD Bank

It's not my bank of choice, but the old Toronto Dominion is pretty cool. You've got to respect the colour scheme in their logo, if nothing else. While green can often evoke environmentalist statements, you've got to respect the verisimilitude of a bank using it to represent money.

Toronto Dominion also does a great job with upkeep. Their floors are always well polished, and (from afar) it has always seemed to me that their tellers are courteous and well-dressed.

Pint Mug

Nobody's perfect. For example, my father stole some of these pint mugs from a bar in the 1970s. It serves as one of the cosmos' great coincidences that he was able to reconcile himself to his imperfection by drinking a beer out of the very mug that he stole.

Life is like that. Sometimes what gets you down can also cheer you up a little. Whatever giant blunder you've made in the past, you might someday work up the courage to laugh a bit about.

So remember, a mug is just a mug, but a mug with baggage is worth something. I recommend stealing pint glasses from bars, particularly this mug variety because they last a lot longer.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Graham Greene

If you can look by the thick haze of Christian apologetics, Graham Greene was a great writer.

He was also a regimented writer. He forced himself to write a minimum of 300 words per day. This may not seem like much of an accomplishment to many of my readers, some of whom I've been told write far in excess of 300 emails per day, which many of these emails being comprised of more than one word. Just remember that Graham Greene wasn't just okaying expense reports all day. He had to write about plots and characters and stuff. Show the man some respect.

Danny Glover

An elder in Hollywood, Danny Glover never rose into the highest echelons of acting by any metric. He is not the most famous, the most talented, the most attractive, or the best tabloid-fodder.

What he does offer is consistency. He's never made a movie that wasn't passably entertaining. Woody Allen once said something to the effect of "if you don't fail once in a while, you're not innovating much." True as this may be, who ever said that Danny Glover has to be innovative? I am pretty happy with him sticking to entertaining, and he does that very well.


UV radiation is damaging to most Earthbound lifeforms. There are various methods of dealing with this radiation.

The problem with hats is that most of them look ridiculous; for those brave enough to wear a hat in public, they're a great way to keep cool and block the sun.

Kung Fu

I've never been in a fight, but I have been beaten up a few times. In situations such as these, some people choose to defend themselves. Of the people who choose self defence, some plan on being defensible well ahead of time, and train to fight.

Of all of the ways of fighting, Kung Fu is one of the flashier and therefore most fun to watch. The practitioners of this martial art deserve praise and respect for their dedication to their craft.

Stanley Hacksaw Blades

Do you feel the need to cut through something that is harder than a well-cooled cheese cake, but softer than depleted uranium? Consider using a hacksaw to do so. When you are confronted with a problem that requires a tool, use the tool to resolve the situation. Things will be fine.

Ozarka bottled water

They have different brands of bottled water in the states. On a recent trip, I had a quarter bottle of Ozarka. It was pretty good.

In fact, I never finished the bottle, and I don't have the heart to do so, because once it's gone, it is gone.

I suggest that all Canadians take a trip south of the border and load up on this stuff. That's the ticket.

PC Chicago Style Spinach Pizza

Do you really want to take responsibility for making every meal you ever eat for the whole rest of your life?

Do you want to eat out every time that you decide not to eat at home?

Hypothetically, you might have answered 'yes' to either of these questions. That's okay. Your opinions are your own, and I wholly appreciate your efforts to make your own decisions in life. But if you did opine a 'yes,' then this review isn't for you.

Now, my 'no' saying komrades, the time for questions is over. Let me declare to you, boldly, something that you should be having for dinner every once in a while.

Spinach is good. Deep dish pizza is good. PC food is generally good. The PC Chicago Style Spinach Pizza is no exception to these rules. Try it.

A stool from Ikea

Simplicity. Elegant lines evocative of the smooth, strong hand of a draftsman.

Simplicity. Two pipes, four screws, a nut, a bolt, and a bit of plastic.

Simplicity. The simplest sitting implement imaginable.

There's something really attractive about simplicity on a philosophical level.

Your butt may hurt after a while, but your wallet won't and your mind will be swimming in the joyous water of elegant Scandinavian design. Enjoy your lovely stool.

Belkin 375VA

Pick up a mirror and look yourself in the eye. Don't be shy! Now think to yourself, and let the eye contact keep you honest.

Do you honestly think that it's best not to take precautions? Jesus! Of course you don't...

What if there was a power outage, and you were working on an important file. What if you hadn't saved this file for a few minutes, and you lost a brilliant bit of writing that you could never get back?

I hope you are still looking in the mirror, because you should be seeing a tear in your eye.

Get a battery backup for your computer. You can't put a price on peace of mind, but it might be worth the cost of a Belkin 375VA.

Samsung DigitalCam SC-D372

There are times when things happen in our lives that are worth remembering. Occasionally, it is appropriate at these times to use a video camera to record life's special moments.

For doing this, you could do worse than using a Samsung DigitalCam SC-D372.

PC Genuine Lager

Beer, as well as anything else, has a subjective landscape of quality assessment.

Life as we know it requires liquids to be sustained. For example, when one drinks PC Genuine Lager, their life is being sustained to some extent.

The life sustaining quality is never close to my mind when I have one of these particular lagers. For a beer that costs less than $30 for 24 (in Ontario), it's pretty good. Enjoy!