Monday, August 24, 2009

Sigg Water Bottle

An adult human should ingest approximately 2L of water per day. Water is essentially the only "wonder-drug" for humans. It keeps us alert, tidy and healthy. It's also concommiserant with a healthy lifestyle.

The history of personal water transportation devices is a long and storied one. To this end, flasks, pouches, coconuts and so on have been used at various times in human history with varying levels of success. Each new day brings progress.

Not ten years ago, it was quite common to see folks walking around with "the nalgene." A "nalgene" was a clear plastic bottle with a twist of lid. This was considered state-of-the-art at the time.

Unfortunately, it turns out that these nalgene bottles were laced with bisephonol-A, a potent carcinogen. It was then learned that the parent corporation that made these bottles, Nalg, made most of their money selling animal restraints for cruel animal testing procedures. No one died from using these bottles, but it was clear that something had to be done on a large scale to cut back support for this evil lair of animal torture and cancers.

The Dark Horse, long discounted for selling more expensive metal bottles, was poised for a charge. Sigg, a longtime manufacturer of metal contrivances, began having great success with its water bottle line. These bottles were non-carcinogenic, and cruelty free. They're a bit hard to clean though.

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