Friday, August 14, 2009

Swing Dancing

Depending on your age, it's likely that either your parents or your granparents were swing dancers. Depending on your own life choices, you may have even been a member of the swing dance revival of the late 1990s.

Swing dancing is about enjoying life. The philosophy of this from of pre-modern dance is to be deeply connected to the act of living. It is not a vicarious or introspective form. Crackling energy infuses the form, and the rapid kinesis rivals that of an amusement park ride. As with all dances, sexuality is not absent, but it is relatively subdued in swing. You get the idea that the kids were pushing the boundaries a bit, but still behaving within the bounds of what was considered acceptable.

For comparison, it was common practise in the 1970s club scene to party naked and perform sexual acts in public in exchange for hard drugs.

Swing dancing is a wholly enjoyable and wholesomely watchable form of dance.

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