Friday, August 28, 2009

Eddie Bauer Legend Wash Broken-in Chino

Determining the right cut, shape and fit of pant is an ongoing and tremendously personal experience. Due to the fact that our bodies vary so much with time, it is difficult to choose a pair of pants that fits well all of the time. Couple this with the fact that most folks do a lot of sitting at a desk, where ones waist elongates both physically and physiologically, and there will be problems finding pants that fit well.

Because of these issues, I've never found a good pair of pants. I essentially try a new brand every year. I've been through the big 3 manufacturers of chinos, and have taken a somewhat random sampling from other vendors, mostly based on the availability and price of the product.

As such, it was inevitable that I would someday try out Eddie Bauer's offering. Cut from a slightly sturdier fabric, I've found that the pants hold up better than most.

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