Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Subway Veggie Delite

You: hungry, have $10 on you, near a subway, don't mind subs, craving the veg.

Subway: all vegged up, subs on the almost cheap, always nearby.

Ask any pragmatist and they'll tell you that there's no such thing as a match made in heaven. Shakespeare once wrote "All the world's a stage," by which, of course, he meant to say a stage for compromise. We both know that you're not going to a fast food restaurant expecting La Cordon Blue experience. It's a game of attrition really; what a fast food eater wants to do is minimize their losses. Clearly burgers and tacos are out. Pizza and burritos are a nice choice, but decent options are far from ubiquitous. Sometimes you have to settle on pretty good instead of damn good, and that's were Subway comes in.

If you've decided to go to subway, get the Veggie Delite. It's a little known fact, but it's actually their best sandwich. Enjoy!

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