Monday, August 24, 2009

Nokia 2760

Telecommunicative convergence is the conglomerating force of personal electronic devices. In the mid 90s, the cordless phone was combined with the pocket watch, and the cellular phone was born. These new cellular phones had the added bonus of not being limited to the range of the cordless phone receiver. As time went on, more functionality was added to cellular phones. Over the years they gained the ability to play GameBoy style games, then calculators were added and even colour screens.

Time wore gradually on; custom ringtones and even MP3 capability were added, as well as the latest in Java capability (Java is a web programming language). Eventually even cameras were included in cellular phones, and it was good.

This is 2009; a phone is expected to be able to play MP3s, take pictures, and tell time. The Nokia 2760 is an affordable camera that has all of these features!

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