Wednesday, August 19, 2009


We all feel like we don't want to talk to, or be around, other people at times. Those of us who go through long stretches of feeling this way are called introverts. The old saying goes "The world is your oyster;" to an introvert, it would more aptly read "I'm my own oyster. Leave me alone. Get your own oyster. And your own world."

Introversion is pretty good. Having spent my entire life as an introvert-leaning ambivert, I'd say that extroversion is probably the superior of the two extrema, but introversion has its perks as well. You get lots of time to yourself, which you can spend reading, attending to cats, and / or painting miniature Star Trek models. Another perk is that you can really crank up the unpleasantness when someone you don't like starts talking to you, when you're not feeling too shy to do so. I've whiled away many a peaceful afternoon hurtling soul-withering comments at people who probably didn't deserve it. From a certain standpoint, it's fun!

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